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Taylor Packaging creates and distributes quality thermoformed plastic packaging
to ensure the best display visibility for products in various industries.
Learn more about each thermoformed option below and view a sample
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Clamshells/VersaCLAM Packaging

Clamshells/ VersaCLAM is a container with two halves that are hinged to open and close just like a clam. It’s a very strong, robust package that is excellent for any product from small and light to large and heavy. It protects and provides excellent visibility to showcase your product.

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With the clamshell, a generic or custom cavity and an insert/backer card is often used. On most clamshells, a hang tab is cut out for easy and great retail display. Snap buttons can also be added for a more secure closure. A clamshell can also be heat sealed around the edge of the package or in designated spots as a security feature, minimizing theft.

VersaCLAM Plastic Packaging

Trifold Clamshell Plastic Packaging
Trifold Clamshell Packaging

Trifold Clamshell Packaging

Trifold Clamshells are a one-piece solution made up of a three-part design that typically includes a triangular base that allows the clamshell to stand upright on a shelf.

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They are designed so your retail clients have a variety of ways to merchandise their product by either hanging it on a peg wall, standing it on a shelf, or sitting it in a display. When your package needs to stand and yet clearly display your product, a trifold thermoformed package is an effective solution.

Mock Clamshells Packaging

Mock Clamshells can either be a one or two-piece package. On a one-piece Mock Clamshell, a thicker blister card is required because it acts as the back of the package requiring it to either be heat sealed or stapled. A two-piece Mock Clamshell is comparable to a clamshell but WITHOUT the hinge and it also requires to be heat sealed, stapled or beaded.

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Plastic Trapped Blister

A Trapped Blister is a thermoformed blister pack shape that is sandwiched between either a single folded card or two cards that are sealed together.

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Made from eco-friendly materials with minimal plastic content, and equipped with a secure yet user-friendly design, trapped blisters offer the protection and shelf appeal you want for your package without the added cost.

Trapped Blister Plastic Packaging
Trapped Blister

Face Seal Blister Plastic Products
Face Seal Blister

Face Seal Blisters

Face Seal Blisters are flanged blisters that surround the product and is heat sealed to a piece of backer board. The seal is only on the flange while the rest of the card stays uncovered.

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Full Face Seal Blisters

Full Face Seal Blisters are similar to the face seal blisters; however, the blister extends to the entire face of the cards. This offers more durability and strength to the edges of the card and reinforces the hang tab as well.

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Full Face Seal Blister Plastic Packaging
Full Face Seal Blister

Plastic Slide Blister or Full Card Blister Packaging
Slide Blister or Beaded Blister

Slide Blister
or Beaded Blister

A Slide Blister or Beaded Blister extends past the full size of the card and has flanges that wrap around. The card simply slides into place and is sometimes secured with a staple.

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Plastic Packaging Trays

Industrial and transport packaging trays are durably designed with the commercial and industrial fields in mind, providing organization and protection of your product.

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Ideal for robotic and/or hand applications, packaging trays provide organization for parts moving throughout facilities, or between operations. Trays can be stacked to maximize space.

Protective Packaging Trays
Plastic Packaging Tray

Thermoformed Packaging Process

Thermoforming product manufactures

Thermoforming Manufacture Process

All materials are recyclable and are available in virgin and color match material upon request.

  • PVC: PVC or Polyvinyl chloride is a more rigid plastic material that can maintain its shape and sustainability and is ideally suited to enhance consumer and industrial products. It comes in two basic forms: rigid and flexible. It has a high strength to weight ratio, is weather resistant, and offers great chemical resistance.
  • PET: PET or Polyethylene Terephthalate is another plastic known for its high-strength barrier that can resist outside tampering or other elements. It offers excellent wear and abrasion resistance in wet and dry environments. PET displays good hardness, stiffness and strength.
  • Styrene/ HIS: Styrene/HIS or High Impact Styrene offers unique characteristics of toughness, high performance, versatile design, simplicity of production, and economy. It provides excellent hygiene, sanitation and safety benefits.

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