Lawn & Garden Industry Packaging


Give your gardening and lawn care tools premier display treatment with Taylor Packaging’s professional blister packaging, clamshell packaging, or beaded blister packaging.  

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The clear, hard plastic of our three application types highlight the material durability, grip type, size, and color of garden utensils.  As a result of the product packaging, buyers have an accurate visual representation of the functionality and form of the tool. Our applications also amplify the product’s position in the store with a hang tab feature to standout among competitors.

The advantages of high quality blister packaging, clamshell packaging, or beaded blister packaging include:

– Customization
– Eco-friendly
– Cost-effective

Located within the plastic application are paper backer cards to further promote and educate consumers about the product and your company. 

Where applicable, garden products can be enhanced by plastic tray packaging to keep small pieces and parts organized. 

Apply Taylor Packaging services to:

– Garden gloves and knee pads
– Weeding fork
– Garden spade and shovel
– Multi Function Sharpener
– Soil pH Meter
– Billhook & Chopper Tool Set
– And much more

In a store full of garden tools competing for the customer’s attention, strengthen the message, mission, and promotional appeal of your lawn product with Taylor Packaging.

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