Custom Packaging Manufacturer

Fulfillment & Assembly

Headquartered in Missouri, Taylor Packaging manufactures high-grade thermoforming packaging as well as stock VersaClams and cavities/blisters for various industries.

Our team of designers and engineers manage the entire plastic packaging process. Taylor Packaging can also assemble and distribute your display-ready product directly into your supply chain quickly and efficiently.

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Design & Development

From initial concept to your final production piece, our engineering team can help guide you through the full plastic packaging process. We use state of the art software to develop the best packaging solution for your retail items.

Whether it is simple or an innovative, complex package, we provide a quality and protective design.

Rapid Prototyping

We turn a packaging concept idea into a visual reality. At Taylor Packaging we have two CNC machines which allow us to quickly produce prototypes. With these technologies, we can rapidly create a sample package for our customers to physically evaluate the concept and give feedback. Our processes, skills and experience combined with our advanced technology provide our customers the ability to go to market quickly.


Our in-house tooling department specializes in taking a virtual concept design and developing a prototype which then is converted into a high-quality production tool. This is a very vital piece to the packaging process to ensure the highest of quality and integrity of the completed product. By producing these tools in-house, we can control and reduce lead time and costs. Our new tools go through a rigorous development and approval process to ensure that parts meet both the approved specification and most importantly our customers expectations.

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Our Stock Tooling Program

Our stock tooling program can either eliminate or lower tooling costs and increases speed to market. Our program consists of over 300 standard size cavities/blisters and over 100 different clamshell sizes that are tool ready.

Specialty Stock Packaging

Inner Folding cartons: If you are looking for boxes to ship your product in, we can help with that too. It can be a plain brown box, or you can have printing on one or all panels. You can also have one color up to several colors printed on the box. The boxes come in several different sizes and thickness depending on what you are looking for. The inner folding cartons can be sized to fit into your corrugated boxes to be shipped.

Foam inserts: Custom foam box inserts for packaging and shipping give your products the protection and aesthetic presentation they deserve.

Partitions: Partitions are a set of corrugated, solid fiberboard or chipboard pieces that interlock when assembled to form several cells into which articles may be placed for shipping. They are used in the packaging of various items including larger, heavier items. They add stacking strength stacking to any carton or container. They can also be used to help support displays. Partitions come in several different sizes, shapes, and thickness depending on what you are looking for. It can be any number of cells and any quantity you would like.

Corrugated Boxes: Corrugated Boxes are your typical shipping boxes.  It can be a plain brown box, or you can have printing on one or all panels. You can also have one color up to several colors printed on the box. The boxes come in several different sizes, thickness, and color depending on what you are looking for.

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Taylor Packaging manufacturers thermoformed plastic packaging

Thermoformed Packaging

Heat Sealing

Heat Sealing your clamshell or blister will allow you to send your product to market securely. A clamshell can be heat sealed around the edge of the package or in designated spots as a security feature, making them more tamper resistant and minimizing theft.  We have different way for our machines to seal the plastic. Our machines can seal plastic to plastic clamshells, plastic to cards, full face blisters and even half clamshell styles. 

Blister Beading

With our blister edge folding machines, we can fold over 3 sides of the package on the blister. This allows you to slide your printed backer card into the back side of the beaded blister while protecting your product. Taylor Packaging is the sole remaining company in the Unites States that is left with these capabilities.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Taylor Packaging offers Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) systems. Our team can help optimize your supply chain performance and streamline your inventory management. This will give your company the leverage and the flexibility to quickly adapt to your customer’s needs. We offer different inventory controlled systems depending on the customer’s needs; automatic replenishment or a min/max system.

Graphic Backer/Insert Cards

Backer cards and/or insert cards are used as a marketing tool to advertise and provide information about your product to the consumer. Let your graphic card say what your product can’t.  The cards can be used in conjunction with all types of clamshells, trifolds, and blisters. Backer cards used for blister packaging are coated on one side with specially formulated heat-seal adhesive to allow for a secure bond of blister flange to board or may be stapled as an alternate closure option.

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