Plastic Packaging Trays

Taylor Packaging designs and manufactures plastic packaging trays for retail, inside packaging, transport, and shipping.
Industrial and transport packaging trays are durably designed with the commercial and industrial fields in mind, providing organization and protection of your product. Ideal for robotic and/or hand applications, packaging trays provide organization for parts moving throughout facilities, or between operations. Trays can be stacked to maximize space.

Types of Materials We Offer for Packaging Trays

Plastic Tray for Product Packaging

We offer plastic packaging trays in the following materials:

  • PVC
  • PET
  • Styrene/High Impact Styrene
  • Flock
  • Virgin
  • Color Match Material

Benefits of Packaging Trays

  • Keeps products organized in packaging or for parts moving in facilities or between operations
  • Adds extra protection for products with small pieces
  • Durably designed
  • Can be stacked to maximize space

If you’d like to more information on our packaging trays, contact us at 800-404-0003 or request a quote.

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