Blister Packaging

Taylor Packaging offers several blister packaging solutions including trapped blister and face seal blister packaging.

We offer several stock blister packaging sizes, shapes, and styles and also excel in custom blister packaging design.

Taylor Packaging will work with you to design the best packaging for your product. We can rapidly build the production tool, run the blister and distribute the product straight to the supply chain so your product gets to consumers faster.

If you’d like more information on our blister packaging, contact us at 800-404-0003 or request a quote.

What is Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is a type of clear plastic packaging that has a cavity or pocket to showcase and protect consumer goods on a shelf or retail display. It is usually attached to a paper backer card. This card has information about your product and can be seen through the blister packaging.

Types of Blister Packaging

There are several types of blister packaging including trapped blister, face seal blister, full face seal blister, slide blister or full card blister.

  • A trapped blister is a thermoformed clear plastic container that is sandwiched between either a single folded card or two cards that are sealed together.
    Trapped Blister Packaging

    Trapped Blister Packaging

  • A face seal blister is a plastic mold that surrounds a product and is then heat-sealed on the edges to a piece of backer board. The seal is only on the edge of the plastic blister called the flange while the rest of the card stays uncovered.
  • A full-face seal blister is similar to the face seal blister; however, the plastic packaging extends to the entire face of the cards. This offers more durability and strength to the edges of the card and reinforces the hang tab as well.
  • A slide blister is a plastic packaging that extends past the full size of the card and has flanges that wrap around. The card simply slides into place and is sometimes secured with a staple.

Taylor Packaging can help you determine which blister packaging is right for you. Contact us today.

Benefits of Blister Packaging

  • Is eco-friendly and cost effective
  • The clear plastic provides excellent visibility on store shelves
  • Can be heat sealed around the edge of the package, minimizing theft
  • A hang tab can be cut out for easy and great retail display
  • Insert or backer cards are used to showcase product
Slide Blister and Full Card Blister Packaging

Slide Blister and Full Card Blister Packaging

What types of products can be packaged in Blisters?

Blister packaging can be used in a variety of industries and product categories including but not limited to:

  • Electronics
  • Hardware
  • Health and beauty
  • Home improvement
  • Household items
  • Pet products
  • Retail chains
  • Sports and recreation
  • Toys and games

If you’d like to more information on our blister packaging, contact us at 800-404-0003 or request a quote.

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