Custom Thermoforming

Do you have a custom package and don't know where to start? Taylor Packaging can take your packaging design from concept to finished product with our packaging development team.


Utilize our stock VersaClam tooling with over 70 sizes to choose from. Consider our most popular and cost-effective product...the VERSACLAM™

Blisters, Mock Clamshells & Specialty Packaging

Try this cost saving solution...
This handy package seals right to a backer card.

Preferred Supplier of 3M Company

3M Company

Voted top Female Owned Company

St. Louis Small Business Monthly

The Thermoforming Specialists with the Patented VersaCLAM™ Technology

Our focus is on SUSTAINABLE packaging.

We take great pride in our efforts towards achieving sustainable packaging. Taylor Packaging recycles 95% of the scrap materials generated from the production process. Taylor Packaging just recently updated our entire facility to LED lighting and are in the process of implementing a Solar Powered Energy system to help power our production lines.
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